Lucie White & Company has sponsored the ‘Best Service’ category at the Time & Leisure Food & Drink Awards for over 5 years. It’s a category that is close to their heart, because a tailored approach to customer service is exactly what sets this local lettings and property management company apart from the rest. Owner Lucie White tells us more…

Lucie, you have been a supporter of the Time & Leisure Food and Culture Awards for several years now. What do you enjoy most about them?

These awards are a great opportunity to celebrate the fantastic cafes, bars, restaurants, producers and cultural attractions that are right here in our community. Yes, we could all just hop on a train into central London – but why do that when we have so much on our doorstep?

You’ve chosen to sponsor the ‘Best Service’ award again. Why is this award so important to you?

Customers have more voice than ever now when it comes to reviewing their experiences of service providers – and as local businesses we have the chance to show the world how great South West London hospitality really is! The ‘Best Service’ award is a good fit for us as its something we pride our own staff on. You should enjoy that same feeling of being looked after when you speak to your property agent as you would in your favourite restaurant.

How do you define great service in your own business?

Estate agents have a tarnished reputation – and in some cases that is justified. I started Lucie White & Company because I wanted to treat my clients as individuals, rather than as faceless sources of income. We have grown into a small but loyal team, so when our landlords call us they will speak to someone that they know, who is familiar with their property portfolio. It’s the equivalent of your local barista knowing exactly how you like your daily flat white!

What is the key to providing exceptional service in a competitive market?

Responsiveness. Someone who will listen, understand and find a resolution to my issue (whether that is an overcooked steak or a problem tenant) quickly and smoothly will always have my respect. I do sometimes find that larger organisations with detailed policies on these things tend to get it wrong. What we all need is a human being to empathise and then get it sorted. That is something we are good at here at Lucie White & Company – a no nonsense approach that isn’t hindered by the cogs of big business.

Lucie White is the owner and founder of Lucie White & Company, offering property services and advice to private landlords across South West London and Surrey. If you’d like to find out more about their fresh take on lettings and property management, visit or call 020 8549 8064.