Most of us lead hectic, busy lives and it’s not usually until Sunday that we get any time at all to relax. High powered jobs can mean you’re focus is on anything but your personal happiness and wellbeing.

Creating the perfect brunch is a good way to end the week, have some great food and reconnect with all that’s important to you in life at the same time. There’s no need to rush and, as long as you have the ingredients in, all you have to do is sit and enjoy.

More and more of us are heading away from the traditional brunch fayre, however, looking at exciting new culinary and healthier options. Even so, there are still going to be some staples that you’ll want to include for this important meal.

Here are some quick tips for those who want a bit of style and foody panache at the brunch table.

Tea, Coffee or Something Else?

Whether you have tea or coffee for Sunday brunch, it often comes down to preference. Many families have both when they are laying on a midday feast. Others are concerned about the caffeine in tea vs coffee and which is best for the health. The caffeine in tea, you might like to know, depends on how long you brew it for. The same goes for coffee though it can have higher levels naturally.

If you’ve been overindulging in either brew this last week, it might be sensible to switch to something different just for a change.

There are plenty of alternatives you can opt for. Green tea benefits are quite well known and include helping with digestion during and after your meal and even potentially increasing metabolism and boosting weight loss.

Should you want to try something completely different, rooibos tea could be on your list for Sunday brunch. Also known as Redbush Tea, it comes from South Africa and is entirely free from caffeine, full of antioxidants and great for a breakfast pick me up if you’ve overindulged the night before.

Most people prefer a small caffeine hit for brunch and, if you’re a coffee lover top of your list is going to be good quality coffee beans. While pre-ground coffee can be expedient, if you want that special flavour it always helps to work from a fresh bean and grind it just prior to adding the hot water. Even if you don’t like to drink coffee, there’s nothing like that fresh smell to get the juices flowing.

Sunday Brunch Recipes

While breakfast during the week might be a hastily grabbed slice of wholegrain toast or a bowl of cereal, for Sunday brunch you’re going to want to make a lot more effort. There’s a great deal of choice out there, from the traditional egg and bacon rashers to healthier, gluten-free options. You can even opt to make your own freshly baked bread if you have the time.

One of the staples of any brunch is the humble egg. Not only can it be cooked in variety of ways, it delivers a lot of nutrients to help start off the day. You can poach, fry, scramble and boil in the shell if you want something traditional. Or you can add your eggs to luxury treats like pancakes or mix up a Spanish style omelette for a colourful and nutritious meal.

Another food group you might like to add into your brunch is fruit, of course. We all need our five a day and this meal is the perfect time to squeeze a little into your diet. Mixed with yoghurt, chia seeds and home-made granola, you should have all the energy you need to get your through to the next big meal of the day. Another option is to make a smoothie, perhaps with something healthy like kefir milk to promote good bacteria in your gut.

If you’re short of ideas, you can discover five tasty Sunday brunch recipes from Chateau Rouge to try out this weekend.

Making Loose Leaf Tea

Ditch the tea bags and go loose leaf this Sunday if you want a much more refreshing taste. You may ask what’s the difference? The answer is always in the quality of loose leaf tea itself. Organic should also be the order of the day if you want a brunch that is going to be satisfying and live long in the memory. You can get teas from all over the world nowadays, everywhere from Ceylon and China to South Africa and India. They not only taste fantastic but smell sublime as well.

Of course, if you’re making the effort for lunch you’ll want quirky teapots that really make a statement. While these breakfast table staples seem to have taken a back seat in the West in recent times, if you’re a loose-leaf tea fanatic you can’t do without one.

Introducing Seasonal Produce

When we focus on brunch, we tend towards the same raw ingredients and don’t attempt much change. But being aware of seasonal produce can help bring a good deal of variety to this pleasurable meal. Yes, we’re used to seeing vegetables all year round, but we also tend to associate certain foods with set times of the year.

For example, Spring is when bees start coming out again and introducing something like local English Raw Honey into your brunch, perhaps with some fruit and yogurt, can be really refreshing as well as tasty. Other foods you might like to consider that are light enough for this time of year and will add a little luxury to your Sunday brunch could be high quality smoked salmon, perhaps with a little side salad, poached eggs and some carefully sliced avocado. If you really want to push the boat out, then fresh scallops with pancetta on a bed of lettuce is another great choice.

Catering for All Ages

While you’re just a couple or live with friends, you can afford to be as decadent as you like when it comes to planning your next Sunday brunch. If you have kids, however, you may need to do some careful reorganising. Your fruit confit may look absolutely delicious but not to an 8 or 10-year-old who’s missing out on his or her favourite breakfast cereal.

Gourmet is not necessarily going to be their thing; it’s sad to say. You have two choices – either force them to eat your specially prepared brunch or let them have their way. Of course, it helps to find a brunch that everyone is going to enjoy. That’s not always possible in busy households, especially if some are more health conscious than others. But it’s not entirely impossible.

There are plenty of options to choose from if you’re planning the perfect brunch at home this Sunday. It’s a great chance to relax and reconnect with the world and enjoy everything it has to offer without thinking about work.

Our advice is to slow down, get some quality products in and really savour the moment.