As an avid cook, I love it when my kids bake with me. The downside is the mess that ensues, despite the best of their intentions. So a kids’ cooking lesson elsewhere always gets my attention – and this one particularly so – I have tried to bake cookies – only the once, and I swore (in every possible sense) that I wouldn’t try them again. Rather than crisp cute discs, I ended up with a sprawl of choc-chip mess glued to a baking tray. Lallapolosa is set in an old Victorian shop (complete with original tiles) and is run by Elyse Savage and husband Adam Jones. It’s a cafe, bakery, as well as the venue for various baking courses and parties. I brought along my five-year-old on a late Sunday afternoon and the lovely Elyse calmly took us through the basics of cookie dough, with recipes for both choc chip and ginger cookies. Separating eggs with our hands was a particular – messy – highlight for my son. And I picked up great tips on how to get the right texture, which had clearly been my downfall before. The results were impressive – two batches of tasty cookies that my son proudly took to school the next day.