The Holiday Inn, Kingston will be open and serving a delicious Roast on Sundays with the added finesse of table-side service from a vintage silver carving trolley. Diners will have the opportunity to indulge in our bottomless cocktails of Whisky Sours and Bloody Marys for one hour whilst guests can sit back, relax and enjoy a little old world glamour as their roast is carved table-side from an original mid-twentieth century vintage trolley.   

Our beautiful Drakes vintage carving trolley which is crafted from silver and wood, it is a mid-twentieth century design of the type that were in vogue in the early 1960s. It is possible that it’s the original bought in the early 1960s by Conrad Hilton for the opening of the Hilton on London’s Park Lane. And we’re absolutely delighted to have a little piece of hotel history here at The Holiday Inn Kingston.