We ask Everyday Healthy experts Vicky and Caroline for a few, no-nonsense, pointers to achieving healthy eating.

  • Be strict in the shops – if your fridge is packed with good food, you’ll eat good food. You really are what you eat! 
  • Be Prepared – set aside a little time to pre-prep some healthy goodies for the week: roast some veg, cook up a variety of grains, whizz up a houmous and a fresh pesto and you have the beginnings of a few days worth of nutritious and delicious food. 
  • Eat the Rainbow – pack your diet with antioxidants by making every meal as colourful as possible – can be fun to see how many you can get on each plate! 
  • Don’t eat anything you don’t recognise as food! 
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on superfoods – simple ingredients in their most natural form are the best and often cheapest – think sweet potatoes, lentils, legumes… 
  • Don’t be frightened of carbs – chuck away the white goods and pack your diet with the right carbs – whole grains (oats, brown rice, quinoa), legumes, starchy vegetables and fruits. 
  • Keep it real… healthy eating is not a diet but a lifestyle and it should be fun, exciting and you should enjoy experimenting with all the delicious natural ingredients on offer – if you don’t love what you are eating you will never stick to a healthy diet.  If you really hate quinoa then don’t eat it… eat brown rice instead!
  • Treat yourself… we do believe in everything in moderation and food needs to be fun and enjoyable. 


Everyday Healthy Cooking 

Cooking classes with a healthy twist 

A love of cooking, a passion for real ingredients and an inherent belief in the healing power of food inspired Vicky and Caroline to set up Everyday Healthy cooking in 2017. With all the conflicting messages about exactly what a healthy diet is, they felt that many people had become confused, bored with cooking and didn’t really know where to start when creating nutritious and tasty meals. Through a series of relaxed and informative demo-based cooking workshops, Vicky and Caroline hope to get people enjoying their kitchens again, inspire them to cook from scratch with real ingredients, show them how easy it is to make nutritious and tasty food and prove that eating this way can make you feel and look fabulous.

“We hope our unique healthy cooking classes will inspire you to make small permanent changes to your daily eating habits and give you the knowledge and confidence to create tasty and nutrient dense food everyday. We strongly believe good food is the very best medicine for nourishing our bodies but we want to prove that it can also be delicious, fun, easy to sustain and not break the purse strings.”  

Vicky & Caroline

Both Vicky and Caroline are professional chefs with many years of experience and recentlyCaroline achieved a Diploma in Applied Nutrition so throughout the workshops they not only offer invaluable chef ‘tips & tricks’ but will also fully explain the nutritional benefits of the dishes and discuss why eating ‘real’ food and packing your diet with healthy ingredients can boost your health. 

The classes on offer include Everyday HealthyHealthy Food for FriendsHealthy Kickstart‘Not-so-naughty’ Sweet TreatsPower BreakfastsNourish your FamilyAll things Quinoa and Healthy Lunches on-the-go. There is plenty of time for Q&As, masses of tastings along the way, nibbles on arrival and a light meal. You will go home with an informative recipe booklet and hopefully full of inspiration! 

Take a look at www.everydayhealthycooking.co.uk and start your healthy eating journey.